Congratulations to Haim and the show's dedicated team for being nominated for two Gemini Awards (Best Reality Program or Series, Best Director).

GoldMind is a treasure trove of mind-bending and heart-bending experiences that will leave you asking: "How'd he do that?" This highly entertaining, half-hour television series explores the mysterious connection mentalist Haim Goldenberg has with ordinary people. Each fast-paced episode features a series of extraordinary experiences, each more unbelievable, inspiring and captivating than the last. Themes include fears and phobias, intuition, relationships, memory, and more.

Haim is currently hard at work on a new and exciting TV series. Keep checking in as we post more details!

Mystery TV 
AT 10 & 10:30 AM ET/PT
REPEATING 10 & 10:30 PM

GoldMind TV Clips

  • Goldmind - SpeechlessSpeechless
    The mentalist Haim Goldenberg plays with a radio host's mind.
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  • RelationshipsRelationships
    Haim Goldenberg knows all about your relationships...
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  • Goldmind - Master's ClassArt Class
    Haim Goldenberg influences artists to paint for him.
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  • GoldMind - It's all about your Self.Our Ego
    Haim Goldenberg shows the distraction caused by our ego.
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  • GoldMind - Draw your FearsDraw your Fears
    Haim Goldenberg guesses someone's worst fears.
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  • Shopping with Fake MoneyFake Money
    Haim Goldenberg convincingly shops with fake money.
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  • GoldMind - Subliminal MessageSubliminal Message
    Haim uses subliminal messaging to influence his guests.
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  • GoldMind - GoldMind - Sense of SmellSense of Smell
    Haim Goldenberg guesses what people had for breakfast.
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  • Girl Amazed in a Book StoreBookstore
    Haim uses his sixth sense to guess which book the girl will choose.
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  • Sense of Hearing - Tai ChiTai Chi
    An amazing demonstration of Haim Goldenberg's sense of hearing.
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  • Woman at the Antique Store - EmotionalAntique Store
    Haim finds a simple object that triggers an emotional respoonse.
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  • The BaloonThe Baloon
    Haim guesses girl's childhood dreams and hides it in a balloon.
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  • CN TowerCn Tower
    Haim Goldenberg makes an artist forget something really big!
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  • Metal Bending & TelekinesisBending Metal
    A great demonstration of Haim's metal-bending abilities.
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  • Strong MemoryStrong Memory
    Haim demonstrates the powerful connection of memory and emotion.
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